Ashley Cermak

Ashley is a Clinical Intern and is in the process of completing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bethel University. Prior to returning to school to become a therapist, Ashley worked as a youth minister for 4 years and theology teacher for 2 years. She has a passion for accompanying young people in their life journey as they navigate peer relationships, academic stresses, and questions of identity. She also is passionate about supporting and accompanying parents as they walk alongside their children through their teenage years.

As a Catholic Christian, Ashley believes in the dignity of every human person and that God desires our true freedom and healing in all the areas we may feel stuck or bound. She approaches therapy from a Christian understanding of the human person, seeking to honor who God intended each of us to be. She primarily utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but also believes in using various theories and techniques that best fit the client’s needs. Ashley works with adolescents and adults for a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, identity questions, adjustment issues, self-esteem, women’s issues, questions of faith, and relationships. Ashley is also happy to incorporate a client’s faith into the therapy process when desired by the client, and she is providing free counseling to all regardless of faith or orientation without insurance or inability to pay for counseling. She is available in the office on Tuesdays.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, hiking, and spending quality time with friends.

Ashley sees clients on Tuesdays at the Elk River Office. Please call our office at 763-633-5111 to schedule an appointment.

To check in to a pre-scheduled TELEHEALTH SESSION with Ashley, click this link to enter her virtual waiting room. Click ALLOW when your device asks for permission to use its camera and microphone. Type in your name and click CHECK IN.