A Gentle Shepherd

Author: Patti Olson

“Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arms He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes.” Isaiah 40:11 NASB

This is a beautiful picture of the tenderness of God. He tells us that He will gather us in His arms and carry us in His bosom. Take a moment to gather a picture of this tender, loving act. Reflect that God means this about YOU. We are God’s flock and He tenderly cares for us. Knowing God is caring for me as tenderly as a shepherd cares for His sheep gives me great comfort. Sometimes in the busyness of the world I can feel overwhelmed. And there are times when we can feel very alone in the struggles we are facing. God cares for you more than you can even imagine and wants you to know that He carries you in His arms. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, frightened or alone, think on the picture of God gathering you in His arms like a shepherd cares for His sheep. Sometimes people view God as harsh, angry, or punishing. A shepherd is not like this with his sheep, nor is our Heavenly Father like that with His children. The Scripture above depicts a loving, tender God. Distorted views of God often come from experiences in childhood, whether it originated from a harsh, critical or distant parent, or religious teachings that depict an angry or distant God. This scripture shows us how God is tender and loving, carrying us in His gentle arms. He gently leads us. Take some time to tell the Lord how you see Him and ask Him to show you the source of those messages. If you see Him as harsh, distant or critical, ask Him to provide healing for you from these views. And then trust Him to meet you where you are at and be open to showing you how He sees you. Write down some thoughts.

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