Exercising Your Faith

Author: Patti Olson

Some days I have the faith that can move mountains and other days, well, my faith couldn’t even kick over an ant hill (not that I ever would, mind you!) After the many years of being a Christian and how often I have seen God work, you would think that I would have rock solid, ironclad faith. But to be honest, I don’t every day and especially not like I would like to have. I am then reminded that even the disciples had times of doubt and asked Jesus to increase their faith (Luke 17:5.) These are the men who walked side by side with Jesus. This helps me to give myself a little grace when my faith feels weak.

I do not believe God is upset with me when I struggle to have faith. As long as I keep seeking Him and am honest with Him about where I am at, He is pleased. Faith is a spiritual muscle we must exercise regularly or it will not grow. I am someone who often prays specifically, maybe even listing out what I am asking God for. I fully believe in “asking, seeking and knocking” as it states in Matthew 7:7. He does not always answer according to my list, but He does always answer. My job is to stay open to listening to Him and being aware of His answers for His answers are not always my answers. The longer I walk with Him and seek Him, the more I recognize His voice and accept His answers and the more my prayers become aligned with His desires. This is a continual process, one that will be ongoing until the day I see Jesus face to face. I can feel good about that because I never want to stop exercising my spiritual muscle of faith.

How is your spiritual faith muscle? How have you been exercising it lately?

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